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13 Jan 22

Content Marketing Trends in 2022

Content Marketing Trends in 2022

The pandemic has left its mark on the world, which has had to adapt to the new constraints of reality.

The truth is that, even when everything is more controlled and studied, some of the trends that were created during this period are here to stay – especially in the digital world.

Ways were sought out to respond to the needs that emerged from those times, and trends emerged from these responses. We quickly realized that we didn’t want to give up on them, especially those that, with or without a pandemic, give us greater comfort, pleasure or leisure!

Stay up to date with at least 4 trends that will carry over to the year 2022 and that will be part of our daily lives.

Chatbots are here to stay

Although chatbots are not something new in the technological world, as they have been around for some time now, they were not a regular presence on websites. In recent years, chatbots have indeed gained quite a bit of popularity and can be found in various industries – customer service, healthcare, or even the education sector.

Over time, this kind of artificial intelligence has developed more skills. With chatbots, it becomes possible to interact with a brand without any kind of human involvement and our questions can be answered.

Interactive Content Marketing

A website with interactive content which seems to appeal directly to the customer and provide them with sensations, is an excellent way to improve the user experience, especially since the pandemic (and even before), it became even more important as people spend more and more time online.

Adding interactive elements to your brand’s website and/or networks is a good way to attract and retain consumers and make them have a better understanding of what is being sold.

User generated content

User generated content (UGC) is content originated by customers and users. In this format, the brand does not interfere directly and this can occur in several ways.

Some examples are: blog posts that talk about a brand’s product or service, reviews on social networks, or on platforms such as Trip Advisor, Google, and others.

This is, without a doubt, one of the trends that is here to stay, and it is a way for the customer to be able to trust a product or service. Therefore, it is vital to create high quality content and being attentive to the audience.

Live, one of the trends for 2022

In 2021, Lives have become one of the most famous types of online content. Instagram Live and Facebook Live, which already had some popularity, have become even more popular in the last year. About 20% of the videos on Facebook were live, and one million Instagram users watched a Live video every day.

After these numbers were released, there are more and more platforms planning to bet on this type of content! If your business is oriented towards success, you certainly want to keep up with these trends that will make you successful in the online market. Choosing the best strategies is critical to gaining brand notoriety.

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