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25 Nov 21

Digital Transition – Know the 3 key pillars

Digital Transition – Know the 3 key pillars

Many companies have already opened their doors to the digital world, recognising it as a universe that rich in opportunities to grow and evolve businesses, and the last frontier for success.

The digitisation of companies fosters opportunities for them to become more competitive in their markets, more efficient and more agile in the way they build and maintain customer relationships.

In addition to consumer behaviour demonstrating digital trends (remembering that monitoring behaviour is part of one of the most crucial rules of marketing strategies), when the tools of the digital world are used efficiently and adjusted to the goals of each business, they can give a company the boost it needs!

Therefore, we reveal the 3 key pillars to make your company more digital and benefit from it:

1. Adjust the business model

If there is one thing that is usual for anyone who runs a business, it is to adjust it to consumer demands and trends. However, it is also important to adjust your company to the digital world, and to benefit from technological developments in order to maximise the useful data to be able to offer a better and more customised experience to the consumer. In other words, it is possible to collect information on what needs to be improved or corrected, and as such, apply it and respond better to customer demands, through a good construction of your company’s digital presence.

2. Adjust internal processes
In order to start digitising your business, there needs to be a change in terms of internal processes, and this should be one of the first concerns.
Therefore, it may be necessary to optimise work methodologies, using management tools such as CRMs (Customer Relationship Management), PMSs (Project management software) or ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning), never forgetting team management. With digital transformation, it is possible for companies to have relocated teams on a global scale. The cloud, messaging apps, CRMs and others help companies to develop a better relationship with their employees, even when they’re physically separated. And, thus, they enhance the business’ internationalisation.

3. Commitment to customer relationship management
A lead is a potential contact, with a high probability of becoming a customer. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to keep the customers you convert.

When digital transformation is applied to customer relationship management, it is possible to monitor all of its phases, even before the customer actually becomes a customer.

Thus, it is very important to proceed with the following approach:

Collect customer information:
When we interact with a customer, we are inevitably collecting data – it could be personality traits, interests, solutions they might need to problems they might have… Through the help of the digital world, this information can be used in the form of data that’s relevant for the following approach, which can then be more personal and with a higher chance of conversion.

Customer relationship management, according to their expectations and needs:
Offer the customer what they are looking for instead of what you want them to see, always taking into account their requirements and enriching your value offer.

Define thresholds:
It is important to establish levels for your leads, regarding their level of interest in your product or service (whether it increases or not). This strategy encompasses a type of communication that is one-way and is supported by the data that leads provide over time.

In conclusion, the step a company takes towards the digital world can be essential both for business expansion and for its consolidation.

A good online presence can make a difference. An effective strategy must be considered, taking into account the model and objectives of each business, which is why it is important to team up with professionals that will support you in this transition.

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