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23 Jun 20

Online Advertising: leverage for brand awareness

Online Advertising: leverage for brand awareness

Companies are revealing the increasingly need to expose their brand on a permanent basis and ensure that they are constantly present in the lives of their target audience. Online advertising appears as a wise bet to respond to this need.

In the digital world, companies have more freedom to effectively develop marketing actions than in traditional media. In addition, online advertising is easier to measure as well as more affordable.

Through online advertising branding campaigns are possible, and these have a unique goal: to create notoriety and positive associations for the company and its products and services. To achieve these goals, it’s possible to develop Google Ads campaigns to increase brand reach and awareness in order to expand traffic for the company’s website or encourage customers to interact with the brand.

After setting the goals, it’s essential to choose the best ad exposure locations. These should reach as many people as possible in the target audience.
Then, through the monitoring of impressions, conversions and other statistics, the success of the campaign is measured.

To know if branding campaigns are succeeding and if the brand is raising awareness, you need to take into account some metrics such as:

Impressions: these represent the number of real customers who viewed the ad.

Customer interaction: This can be measured through click-through rates on the Search Network, or through conversions on the Display Network.

The Google Display Network provides the opportunity for brands to interact with customers at the right time and place on several websites.

Conversions allow you to check whether the ads are originating behaviors that are excepted of visitors, such as page views or subscriptions.

Range and frequency: corresponds to the number of visitors exposed to an ad. Increased reach indicates that an ad is exposed to more potential customers, which can lead to increased notoriety.

In this way, by investing in online advertising it’s possible to quickly increase the notoriety of a brand, to be remembered by the public and make it differentiated in the market where it operates.

Companies that hold brands are among the most remembered by the public, are also the ones that demonstrate better sales results, than brands that are poorly recognized.