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06 Jul 21



Debates about implementing sustainable practices and environmental awareness lead consumers to be more attentive to the products they buy and the services they decide to choose! Thus, there is a greater demand with regard to communication and socio-environmental strategies. On practical terms, this reality directly impacts companies, which, at this very moment, are rethinking their strategies through sus-tainable marketing.

This change only takes place in response to consumer demands. An Opinion Box survey revealed that consumers place more value in companies that practice envi-ronmentally friendly habits!

Why should you bet on sustainable marketing?

  • 95% of companies and consumers are concerned with preserving the envi-ronment and are committed to sustainability (PwC, 2015)
  • 87% of consumers bet on sustainable companies (FIEP, 2019)
  • 54% of consumers often prefer brands with “green” values (Opinion Box, 2017)
  • 42% of consumers think about a company’s sustainable practices when buy-ing a particular product (Opinion Box, 2017).

How can you benefit from green marketing?

By incorporating green marketing strategies in your company, you demonstrate your concern with the state of the planet and consumption patterns to your con-sumers and target audience. As a result, green marketing really helps to create a competitive differentiator against your competition!

When your company emphasises this much needed ecological awareness, it will attract consumers with the same mindset and the same values and practices.

In fact, this is a type of investment that tends to generate better savings for your company in the long term, given that there is a huge engagement of consumers with regard to sustainable practices, who prefer to pay more for the product that you are offering! This way, your company gains the brand awareness it wants to achieve, passing on a serious, fixed posture committed to a better future, in addition to an optimised economy.
And it also allows you to nurture the relationships you have with your customers and prospects!

Initiatives and tips…

  • Whenever possible, save water, including in the product creation process;
  • Research programs and institutions that contribute to reducing pollution, seeking to collaborate with at least one of them;
  • Bet on recyclable packaging and avoid using non-biodegradable materials;
  • Replace products or services that pollute the environment with eco-friendly alternatives;
  • Never forget the 3 Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle;
  • Use green seals (environmental certification) to make your concern with sus-tainability official;
  • Work with eco-friendly suppliers.

The number of companies that acknowledge the importance of sustainable market-ing is constantly growing! Attract a new audience, contribute to a better environ-ment and life quality and, of course… save money!