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26 Oct 20

The impact of the pandemic on the future of e-commerce

The impact of the pandemic on the future of e-commerce

The Portuguese population proves to be more digitally active than ever, with electronic commerce accelerating due to the COVID-19 pandemic, becoming a useful tool to leverage the growth and internationalisation of national companies.

This growth goes hand in hand with investment and taking into account the expansive reaction of online commerce in the face of the pandemic, companies will have to hold on tight so that they can take better advantage of the new opportunities that will arise. WARC Data predicts that companies will invest close to € 51 billion in e-Commerce advertising this year alone!

… the statistics don’t lie!

According to the report “Global Advertising Trends”, advertising investment on platforms such as Amazon, Carrefour – an omnichannel retailer, and the social network TikTok, will grow 18.3% worldwide.

WARC Data believes and believes that spending on advertising associated with online commerce is a reflection of the increase in online shopping in several countries: it is estimated that consumers will spend almost 160 billion euros online, this year alone, as a direct consequence of the pandemic.

With regard to online shopping, the value of B2C + B2B commerce in 2019, in Portugal alone, rounded up to 96 billion euros. This year, estimates point to a further rise in those values, raising the bar to an astonishing 110.6 billion euros!

The same study indicates that people are betting more on Portuguese online stores and less on foreign websites, a fact that is related to the increase in the offer at a national level.

… opportunities rising!

Companies are increasingly betting on the added value of ecommerce, and they must create attractive campaigns that appeal to their audiences, and they must also implement an integrated digital marketing strategy, using data to generate and retain knowledge about their base. online customers, both potential and current. Thus, it will be possible to create campaigns that are totally targeted at them, with the best possible offers!

E-Commerce has become a certainty, for all levels of business and consumers. Right now, the only source of income for several companies, both national and international, is, in fact, online sales, and all those who are not present in the digital universe may even be left behind. The human being normally observes and analyses moments of crisis as moments of loss, however, it is also in these periods that opportunities for growth and transformation are generated. It is a new reality for everyone, but it is a reality that brings with it many advantages and benefits for companies that are digital.

By getting involved in this universe, you are creating a panoply of opportunities that will act as a catapult for your company’s goals!

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