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06 Dec 21

The Importance of Good SEO

The Importance of Good SEO

If you are aware of the digital universe, I’m sure you’ve heard the term SEO, which means “Search Engine Optimization” and in Portuguese it translates to “Optimisation for Search Engines”.

SEO is nothing more nothing less than the application of a set of established techniques that have the goal of optimising the visibility of a website in the organic results of different search engines. It is through SEO that a brand’s website can build its digital notoriety, as well as its credibility, when well executed, of course!

Now that the meaning of this term has been clarified, why is putting SEO into practice so important to your website’s notoriety? That’s what we’re going to find out.

1. Increases visibility

SEO works through techniques that make your page more “appealing” for search engine indexing algorithms.

Improving these strategies on your website allows it to be found more easily by algorithms and, in addition, it can be considered more relevant comparatively to other sites that appear in the same search.

It increases the probability of the page being filtered by algorithms and, consequently, it ranks better for organic search. In other words, the chance of your site being one of the first results to appear increases and this means it gains greater visibility compared to others that are addressing the same topic.

2. Get more traffic to your company/brand website

The main source of traffic to a website is usually organic search.
Quality SEO gives companies’ websites a high ranking in search engines – appearing as one of the trusted options in the search engine always works in favor of a brand!

Being one of the first to appear on the first page makes more people click, thus generating more traffic.

3. Build a relationship of trust and credibility with users

The execution of an effective and quality SEO aims to establish a strong foundation, which provides a formidable user experience, creating a feeling of trust and quality to the user. However, this type of strategy takes time and needs professionalism, as it is not possible to build trust and credibility for a brand or website overnight!

In short, appearing in the first few results gives your site a certain level of trust. Users will feel more secure when clicking on the websites that appear first and, consequently, will consume and share their content. The truth is that there was already a huge filtering performed by search engines. With that being said, we’re revealing some of the biggest mistakes that can be made in SEO, so you can start casting them aside right away:

  • Keyword Stuffing (repeated use of keywords);
  • Excessively slow website;
  • Duplicate content within the website;
  • Black Hat practices (using keywords that do not correspond to the content on the site, for instance).

Good SEO practices cannot be carried out lightly, it takes professionalism and a deep knowledge in the field, in order not to make mistakes that can damage your brand’s website and, consequently, its reputation and notoriety.

And don’t forget: according to Google itself, the main SEO strategy is the creation of quality content!

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