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27 Jan 22

The label of a wine bottle is much like the cover of a book.

The label of a wine bottle is much like the cover of a book.

Often, the initial attraction to a product begins with its image, the sensations it conveys, the curiosity it arouses, and the immediate attention it captures. The appearance of a wine bottle is no exception! There are various packaging formats for wine, but the most familiar to consumers is undoubtedly the combination of the wine bottle and its label.


Key elements for successful wine branding include capturing attention and conveying trust simultaneously. This rule might seem simple in theory, but it’s quite complex in practice. The challenge lies in finding a balance between the distinctive factors of wine and the central elements that instil confidence in the consumer. This balance is one of the major challenges in wine communication design for the coming years.


However, a label should always express the character of each wine and form the basis of its visual identity. A label is to wine what a cover is to a book. Like a book cover, it should contain visual elements and codes that offer a glimpse into the story behind the brand, the wine, or even the production process if that differentiates it from competitors.


To captivate consumers and lead them to choose a particular wine among many on a shelf, it’s essential to create stimuli: the urge for discovery, curiosity, and the desire to learn more. The success lies not just in the aesthetics of the label and bottle relationship, but often in the story told about the wine.


Since attraction often begins with a visual impression, wine packaging should be both appealing and stand out among competitors on the shelf. Before launching a wine with its own packaging, it’s crucial to understand the target audience, the set goals, and the intended impact. Experienced marketing and branding professionals can be invaluable in achieving the success of a wine brand.


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