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31 Mar 22

The Main Business Trends for 2022

The Main Business Trends for 2022

As times change and social awareness increases, it’s important for organisations to keep pace and respond to new needs, causes, and demands of the population. From diversity to inclusion, the strengthening of digital, the importance of ethics within companies… These and many other issues will be trending in 2022 and beyond!

What are these trends that companies are following in the year 2022 and onwards? Let’s get a better understanding! Here are 6 increasingly evident trends:

Diversity and Inclusion

As part of the social awareness mentioned earlier, the inclusion of minority groups, previously underserved by industries in general, will be a priority, as it’s now a significant demand from today’s consumers, even if they are not part of a minority. Brands are expected to be prepared to deal with and respond to more diverse audiences.


Not only will a brand’s image be important externally, but internally as well. Today’s consumers aspire to support morally correct and ethical brands. Therefore, it’s necessary to pay attention to the needs of employees, from physical and mental health conditions to experiences in the workplace. This will also lead to internal improvements and the ability to offer more appropriate support.


We already knew this one, right? Not being present in the digital world today means falling behind! Having a business in the digital universe brings immense advantages, perhaps the main one being that at any time, in any place, someone can purchase your products/services. A digital store operates non-stop, selling 24 hours a day, every day!

Sales Channels

In the past, the idea of omnichannel was seen as the market’s future. Today, being on all channels and social media may not be so beneficial. It’s better to understand your target audience and where they are concentrated in the digital world. Focus on channels that really make sense for the audience, perform quality control on each one, and ensure the smoothness of customer journeys.

Introspective Tourism

There is an increasing desire in the population to undertake “rural retreats” and spend time in more peaceful, isolated locations, with a strong emphasis on nature. What results from this? This movement creates a great opportunity for small businesses in these regions, with the possibility of strengthening the rural economy.


Concerned about the planet and its future, consumers seek companies that align with their beliefs in a better, more sustainable world. Therefore, this is the new foundation of business. These issues are so fundamental when we talk about market and industry that organisations tend to follow this vision and cause, in order to demonstrate awareness and not be outdone by competitors who offer equal (or better) and sustainable solutions.

And these are some of the trends we are witnessing. Some had already started their journey in previous years, but with the intensification of digital media use and growing social, environmental, and political awareness, it is increasingly evident. Therefore, companies tend to keep up with this evolution of mindsets and habits.

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