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21 Feb 22

What is Inbound Marketing?

What is Inbound Marketing?

We can define Inbound Marketing as a digital marketing methodology that aims to capture the attention of potential customers, gain their permission to directly connect with them, and earn their trust all with the prospect of achieving sales.

This concept becomes clearer if it is compared to traditional marketing, where the focus was on the masses and on communication that was neither customised nor adapted to the client and consumer.

In the case of Inbound Marketing, the objective is to attract the consumer through content that is relevant to them, which must be appealing and match their research, so that interest increases and consequently the results.

First impressions matter, and this is the best way for a company to start, by adding more value to their future customers.

In other words, Inbound Marketing stands out in the way it reaches the customer, as long as the content strategy is well-designed and well-conceived. This strategy consists of educating your audience through relevant content. When identifying a doubt, the user will perform searches on search engines, will come in contact with your content, and will retain information about all the doubts they have, thus creating a good relationship with the brand.

The objective here is to obtain customer loyalty and the customers themselves can become the promoters of the content they consumed or the product they purchased.

One of the most powerful tools within Inbound Marketing is corporate blogs – blogs created by brands to attract their customers through Content Marketing: creating relevant and valuable content for the consumer, in order to capture them for the company’s communication channels

However, just making good content is not enough. It is necessary to work on techniques to be present in the first results of the search engines through SEO and or SEM strategies, and of course, follow up well on the generated leads and the feedback that digital channels allow us to obtain better than any other means!

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