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08 Mar 19

The Importance of a Good Website

The Importance of a Good Website

One of the most important things for a brand or company is having a good website.

A good website may be the only thing that will differentiate you positively or negatively from your competition.

If you reflect that your website image shows how your business and brand do business, you will easily realize that this is an important issue. This first visual impression has an impact on how your customers and potential customers will see and position you.

This is particularly important in new leads, in new potential customers. If you make the wrong impression, you will lose a possible conversion. Develop a good website and you will gain countless conversions. Make a good sales follow-up and you’ll be able to win and keep a customer forever.

Many businesses are able to spend thousands of euros on a trade fair and at a good location. But when it comes to deciding the image and hot to be on the World Wide Web, some look for the cheapest, forgetting that a fair lasts 3 to 5 days and a website will last for 3 to 5 … years! If you count the lead generation potential of a trade fair vs. the lead generation of a good website and split the cost per contact, you would certainly look at it differently when deciding how much to invest on your company website.

Ultimately, it all starts with good design, good written and visual content, user experience and good SEO.

But after all, what is a “Good Website”?

If you ask some designers and developers to define what a good website is, everyone will probably give you a variety of different answers. However, when you look closely at some of the more attractive products, services and materials, you will see similarities among many of them. The reason for this is that good projects are based on fundamental principles. These result in solutions that provide consumers or customers with a high level of satisfaction when experienced.

Ask yourself:

– Does your website represent your business?

– Is it immediately understood by the user when accesses the homepage?

– Does your website make it clear to the user the value proposal of your products and services?

Is it clear what your client can obtain from you better than the competition? Or is it simply a list of products or services, a list of features, specifications and a price, with no description of how your potential customers can benefit from it?
The Website is your digital establishment. 

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