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20 Dec 22

10 Digital Marketing Trends We’ll See in 2023

10 Digital Marketing Trends We’ll See in 2023

The new year is on the horizon, and the digital trends for 2023 are beginning to take shape in the marketing plans for the next 12 months. A new year brings changes: new economic scenarios, new challenges, new ways of communicating!

Get into the spirit and take the opportunity to learn about some digital trends for 2023.

Genuine Content, Just the Way We Like It!

The current trend is to be authentic and relatable! Interactive, behind-the-scenes, and transparent content that reflects a brand’s values is surpassing the perfectionism that dominated the digital world for years.

Authenticity as a form of communication is increasingly valued, often aiding in the growth of a brand or business. These values conveyed through marketing are essential, not only for how they’re received by consumers but also for the advantage they create over competitors. Will you embrace this form of communication in 2023?

Feeling Influenced?

It’s not new news. Despite the evident positive impact a digital influencer can have on a brand, this strategy is still viewed as a waste of time and money by some. If you share this opinion, you might want to reconsider next year.

Influencer marketing experienced a resurgence in 2022 and shows no signs of slowing down in 2023. Integrating influencers into your marketing plan for the upcoming year could be the key element that sets your business’s communication apart. Embrace authenticity and establish partnerships with those who best represent your brand!

User-Generated Content (UGC) Is Here to Stay

Whether it’s videos, photos, comments, or opinion pieces, UGC stands out as one of the most influential and dynamic ways to engage customers in promoting a brand!

Organically produced by the public, this content can be repurposed and shared across various channels to enhance a business’s image. This trend has been growing in recent times and will continue to be in vogue in the approaching year.

Artificial Intelligence Hand in Hand with Conversational Marketing
In 2023, listening isn’t enough; you need to talk with your audience! Conversational Marketing is a technique focused on dialogue, based on real-time interactions through mechanisms like website chatbots or even communication via WhatsApp.

Beyond direct conversation, this technique allows for a deeper connection, strengthening the audience’s engagement and experience. If you aim to build a closer relationship with your customers, consider their opinions and questions. Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to your advantage!

We All Like to Feel Special

To make an impact and stand out, we need to do things differently and, above all, be different!

When a customer is deciding between two similar products, they’ll lean towards the one that captured their attention and evoked emotion. Personalising communication based on each consumer’s preferences and age group, for example, is crucial for setting the tone and vocabulary of the content to be projected. From creating more targeted content to offering tailored products and services, personalisation is the secret! And it will win over your audience’s hearts in the coming year.

Short Duration Videos: The King of Content

While video content has seen widespread growth over the last decade, short-duration videos have taken centre stage in the past three years. Major players! The explosion and incredible success of the TikTok social platform led to other platforms following suit.

Instagram introduced Reels, and YouTube launched Shorts, all due to one significant advantage: the considerable power of organic reach that this format offers. How can short-duration videos impact Digital Marketing? By boosting brand recognition, promoting and educating about products, and facilitating easy customer interaction. This trend won’t be leaving the digital world anytime soon.

We Don’t Want to Miss a Minute!

Driven by curiosity and results, platforms are increasingly adapting their tools to the Livestream trend. When real-time content and interaction are added to the equation, the audience feels involved and capable of influencing the content’s development, rather than assuming a passive role. In 2023, it will continue to be an asset for content creators and brands on social media.

Multiple Search, the Future

Dubbed “Google Multi-search,” Google’s new tool allows users to search through both text and images simultaneously! While it’s true that the company is constantly testing different formats for displaying results, this mechanism is one of them!
Using AI, the search engine can identify images, making it possible to adjust the search based on the entered text. Multiple search also has the advantage of reaching new customers who might not know how to describe the product they’re looking for! A photograph is all that’s needed to simplify the consumer’s life.

24/7 with the Multichannel Experience

Consumers have evolved and become more demanding. Currently, a consistent experience across all brand channels is expected, extending beyond the online world. A multichannel strategy focuses on connecting all touch-points of a brand or business, such as physical stores, social networks, websites, email, or mobile devices.

Improving the consumer experience, attracting new customers, and increasing sales are benefits of this strategy. Can your company provide a multichannel experience? Then you’ll undoubtedly have a significant advantage in 2023.

Data Protection: An Evolving Right

Data privacy is an increasingly demanded right in the digital realm. This demand has led search engines like Firefox and Safari to eliminate cookies, and Google Chrome announced its intention to do the same shortly after.

Moreover, the requirement for greater transparency and trust from the brand is crucial when making purchases or taking any action that involves providing personal data. All of this drives brands to adhere to stricter privacy standards, prioritise security, and avoid data breaches while explaining to customers when their data will be used. Clarity and credibility are the keys!

The journey to 2023 will begin shortly. Count on Brandtellers to walk alongside you on this digital path!