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15 Dec 22

How to create a good promo video

How to create a good promo video

One of the best ways to increase brand impact and engagement is through video. Whether they are videos for social media, institutional or advertisements, with a well-defined strategy and set objectives, videos are always considered a bet on value for brands.

Videos achieve better results

When analysing the results compared to other types of content, inserted in a strategy or an advertising campaign, we easily see these contents achieving greater returns, whether in terms of reach, interactions and shares. If inserted into a transmedia strategy, it is possible to cover tv channels and make a connection to digital channels. This is how a brand can make sure that its consumer/client navigates through the different formats and platforms, creating a stronger and more powerful connection with them.


People are naturally drawn to audio-visuals. There is no better format than audio-visual to get the intended message across. Developing a good script that tells the story of your brand, your product or service, or even your company and employees, will create involvement and emotional connection. And that emotional connection is what any marketer craves. Getting the consumer or client to combine emotional factors to the reason for the purchase decision, that tips the scales in your favour.
A good story is timeless. Just think that when we remember a trip, what we most remember is not whether we were in that place or the other, but it is what we experienced in those places and the story we tell derived from that experience.
Research proves this: good storytelling achieves more than 1200% shares than traditional content.

Features of a good promo video

A video facilitates the memorisation of the message because the target audience will receive the information both visually and audibly, making it effortless to understand what we are going through. So we must always keep in mind that its creation must always take the following into consideration:
1. Storytelling – bet on the story and how to tell it in a memorable way.
2. Image capture – create a storyboard that lists the shots to be captured in advance.
3. Audio (voice-over and music) – tone of voice, intonation, brand connotation and music that connects to the message!
4. Capture attention, interest and action! – Objectives must always be present from beginning to end.
Brandtellers specializes in transmedia storytelling.
Check out one of the videos we made for Grupeixe here:
Holders of the largest share of Icelandic cod in Portugal, Grupeixe relied on Brandtellers to produce its television advert.
Watch it here: