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23 Sep 19

The importance of Digital Marketing in the Wine Industry

The importance of Digital Marketing in the Wine Industry

The wine industry has gradually become more competitive than ever. Due to the large variety of brands, it becomes very difficult to stand out from the competition, which means that producing a “great wine” simply isn’t enough anymore.

So, how can a wine brand stand out? Through digital marketing. It is the most effective tool for B2B2C businesses, given its countless advantages, which we will list below:

It Makes It Easier to Reach Consumers

One of the large advantages of digital marketing within the wine industry is it makes it easier for brands to reach their consumers. Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, allow for digital content to always be available to users, which in turn helps brands communicate with its consumers at any time and place, always supplying with important communication that is relevant to the consumer.

Allows You to Know About Your Consumers

Having an online presence in which you can communicate with consumers makes it possible to deepen a relationship with a consumer, to understand their needs and eventually present them with a solution. This way, the consumer will feel the brand really understands their need(s) and may result in a connection between them both.

Allows for a Closer Relationship with the Consumer

Back in the older days, reaching consumers was an arduous task, but nowadays, with the arrival of social media, it has become relatively easy to communicate with consumers. With online advertising on social media, it is possible to get a message across to an audience who is genuinely interested in the sector.

Social media detects things like consumer like patterns and presents them with themes they are interested in. In the case of wine, advertising campaigns will be presented to people who have an interest in wine tasting, or enology, among others.

Nowadays, a vast majority of consumers is present on social networks and use them to search content they consider relevant and entertaining.

Here is where content marketing becomes a priceless tool for brands, given it allows for the creation of a communication flow that is continuous and relevant to the consumers, and also, to tell the brand’s story or its products across several digital means (Transmedia Storytelling), which will result in reaching the desired target-audience.

Allows for a Global Market Reach

While traditional marketing has limitations, digital marketing allows for the reaching of target-audiences in the desired geographic regions.

This means that if you are ready to expand your wine business across borders, you will find much more ease in doing so.

On the other hand, if you are already present in several international markets, digital marketing allows you to create a strong connection to those same locations.

At Brandtellers, we specialize in transmedia storytelling, helping you activate brands in the digital world. We’ve helped renown brands within the wine industry to reach their strategic goals and will be glad to help you achieve yours as well.

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