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08 Nov 21

Online Advertising for your business? Know why you should bet on it!

Online Advertising for your business? Know why you should bet on it!

Did you know that 64% of users click on a Google ad when looking to buy products online? And that 93% of online consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by social media?

There is an increasing investment by companies in online advertising, thanks to the strong advantages that a good online presence with relevant advertising and ads presents.
Here are some of the advantages on why you should bet on online advertising, on Google and on Social Networks.

Google Ads:

  • Ad targeting
    Google Ads allow you to show relevant ads to people with specific interests, namely people with an interest in your products/services.
    Through the use of certain terms or expressions in your ad, called keywords, Google links the customers’ search words to the ad, putting users and products in touch by displaying ads that respond to the search.
  • Results measurement
    As important as defining the initial strategy is measuring and analysing results, realising what should be maintained and what needs to be improved!

The actions taken by users can be analysed, such as knowing how many people clicked on the ad, what they did on the site, which pages they visited, whether they purchased products, whether they downloaded an App, for instance, among other available options. Regular data analysis allows you to refine and improve the strategy.

  • Adjustable in real time
    Digital advertising allows you make the necessary changes in a timely fashion and correct any mistakes, as well as adjusting the strategy and ads as you analyse the results. All of this can be done in time, providing with the necessary flexibility and scope for improvement in the ads.

Facebook and Instagram:

But social media is also a good advertising tool. 37% of users say they consult social media for inspiration before making an online purchase. How can your business benefit from Facebook or Instagram’s advantages?

  • Segmentation by User Interests
    Unlike targeting on Google, which responds to search terms, Facebook and Instagram targeting matches the preferences or interests that each user subscribes to. Therefore, ads on these networks allow targeting according to areas of interest related to your company’s products or services, showing your ad to people with an interest in them or similar products/services, or that relate to their preferences.
  • The best cost/benefit ratio
    In comparison to traditional advertising campaigns, the investment on these platforms is very low, and it also has the advantage of allowing you to verify the return on your investment through the analysis of statistical information.
    This is why it is possible to readjust the campaign strategy in a continuous improvement process, constantly improving its effectiveness, and substantially raise the results and the conversion rates, making the investment in online advertising more and more effective!

Brandtellers is a specialist in Digital Marketing and a Google Partner! Contact us and find out what we can do for your brand.