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Andreia Professional HALAL

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The word Halal means "permitted" or "permissible" in Arabic. The opposite is Haram, which means that something is forbidden. This term is more common to be used in the food area, but many cosmetics also have ingredients that fall into the Haram categories, including pork and alcohol.

Halal-certified cosmetics and skin care products are considered pure and healthy. In short, these cosmetics, body care products, perfumes and other such products do not contain alcohol and pig derivatives and are manufactured in a humane manner, without cruelty to animals.

Nail polish is included in this product range which has to obey the Halal rules. But what makes or doesn’t make a Halal nail polish goes far beyond its ingredients as it involves issues of rituals of faith.
Wearing nail polish and the associated drama is always a problem for Muslim women ... but why?

So that a Muslim woman can perform the "Wudu" prayer (Muslims pray 5 times a day) water needs to penetrate through the nail and anything that prevents this form of ablution does not complete the prayer. As the conventional nail polish is not permeable, each time the Muslim woman has to perform the Wudu, she has to remove the varnish, if she doesn’t, the "Wudu" is not valid.

Andreia Professional, a ​​cosmetics & beauty brand, saw here an opportunity for internationalization to new markets, where the population is mostly Muslim.
The brand has created a new range of products unique to these markets: Breathable Nail Polish, an innovative line of breathable nail polish that allows nails to "breathe".

Andreia Professional HALAL


Who said that only great achievements lead to happiness? For me, to be happy is to be able to feel good and beautiful without giving up on what I believe.

Make each day the right choices, discover what looks good on me, live each moment fully. To know that it is in the small things of life that the secret of the great is found.

Happiness is always in our hands and most of the times it’s just a detail.

Andreia Professional HALAL


Aware that women in the Arab world have values and pleasures that can be considered different from those of the Western world, a strategy of communication focused on the product has been developed but without giving up on the concept of happiness that is claimed by the brand and which is a common objective to all cultures.

The developed communication strategy integrates the development of a website and a presentation video.


As protagonist of the campaign, we chose blogger and actress Anita da Costa, who fitted the essence of the brand and combined a modern, bold, casual style.

The idea for the video came from the femininity, diversity and details that are part of every woman's day-to-day life.

The beauty and personality of Anita da Costa stood out and gave the campaign a higher dimension of attitude and modernity.


A product-specific website has been developed and it is available in three languages (Arabic, English and French) for product presentation, available shades, presentation of Halal certification, among and other important information for the target audience.

Andreia Professional HALAL