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Happy Woman Details

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As part of the digital marketing strategy developed for Andreia Professional, a public analysis of the brand was made, and there was a need to find new ways to reach a younger, more dynamic audience with a taste for fashion.

  • Build a community designed by and for women;
  • Create a story-sharing space which can then also be shared with the world;
  • Create an emotional relationship between the brand Andreia Professional and its audience.


Nail polish is a detail, an element, that can make all the difference in a look. But Happy Woman Details (HWD) is much more than that.

A space dedicated to the current woman and the details that are part of her life. This was the motto for creating the HWD project.

The Storytelling thought for the project unfolds in small details that are part of a woman´s life and, thus, the signature is born:

“Happiness is always in our hands and most of the times it’s just a detail!”

Happy Woman Details


The Happy Woman Details project is based on happiness combined with the small details that make a difference in a woman's life.

After defining a manifesto and a signature to support the project’s essence and identity, the development of the central piece of communication, the Blog, began.
The design and structure were thoughtfully thought out to reflect a feminine, soft and happy universe.

Happy Woman Details


The developed content is based on an editorial line focused on women's daily life, namely:

  • Real stories of inspirational women, interview style;
  • Fashion and beauty articles;
  • Travel and culture articles;
  • Food and health articles;
  • Others.

One of the main highlights of the blog is that it allows all women to share their story or simply venting and there is a specific section for anyone who wants to submit their article.

Happy Woman Details