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For launching Ubber White, we were challenged to develop a creative concept of the brand and activate it digitally, having two primary objectives: to generate consumer involvement and activate sales.
Ubber White is a Portuguese footwear company that uses art and imagination in the production of original and unique urban sports shoes.
Each piece is hand painted and signed by the author himself and each pattern corresponds to a single size. The biggest challenge of the project was to develop a strategy that reflected the exclusivity and uniqueness of the products for the online communication platforms.



The brand intended to sell Art not footwear.
Therefore, we have chosen a rather metaphorical, direct concept. A way to reflect the brand’s soul, a close connection between the product and the artist, giving relevance to its unique character. We wanted Ubber White sneakers to be seen as unique products.
And, thus, the concept Made by Artists was born, a concept that refers to the origin of the product.
More than stating the national origin with the Made in, what is important to communicate is the conceptual origin, the inspiration, the design, the person, the author, behind each sneaker.
Ubber White is made by artists.

We are classic, modern, post modern.
We are contemporary and pop.
We are urban and alternative.
We are attitude. We are non-conformist.
We are transgression.
We are what we are and the way we are.



At the basis of the developed strategy, the differentiating character of the products as well as the creative concept that reflects the essence of the brand were carefully considered.

The history of the brand is also the history of its art. And there is one better to tell the history of art than the artist himself.

In general, people tend to have more connection, and often pride, in what they know well. Based on this idea, several actions were developed with the objective of creating a bond between the brand and its public, through artists.

This more human connection, and not simply to the object itself, intended to transform consumers into connoisseurs of the brand and, consequently, fans or even ambassadors of Ubber White.

Digital Media

A digital media strategy was implemented at three levels:

  • Online advertising: on the social networks Facebook and Instagram and Google Adwords (Search Network, Display Network and Remarketing).
  • Email marketing: regular information sending on products, content generated by artists, events, promotional campaigns, among other topics related to the editorial line defined for the brand.
  • Influencers: identification of opinion makers in the areas of arts, culture, lifestyle and fashion to create partnerships with the brand.

Online Store

An online wordpress store was developed to ensure easy navigation, good search engine positioning, easy checkout, high store conversion rate (ability to turn visitors into effective customers).
Several conversion tools were implemented, namely:

  • Implementation of pop-up signup with discount offers;
  • Implementation of cart recovery via email;
  • Remarketing campaigns (on Google and Facebook);
  • Implementation of conversion codes for all online actions - to help measuring the performance of the actions developed;
  • Development of an on-site campaign module: discount campaigns, Free Shipping, among others.

Other functionalities were implemented, such as:

  • Option to add items to a wish list - for visitors who are not yet ready to make the purchase;
  • Multilingual;
  • Adding comments and product rating zone - to increase confidence in products;
  • Adding high quality images of the products;
  • Optimization of the texts for the search engines;
  • Blog integration.