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  • Online Advertising


The Belgian company is a leader in the research, development, production and marketing of oral hygiene products and cosmetic dentistry.

For launching the product Remescar Eye Bags & Dark circles in Portugal, it was decided to bet on paid media, namely in the Google Search Network and ads on Facebook.

  • Increase product awareness in Portugal
  • Increase offline sales.
  • Remescar


    A digital media plan was drawn up on the basis of two platforms, each one, for a specific phase of the sales funnel:

  • Video ads on Facebook to increase the awareness of the product and to arouse the interest around the same within the female audience;
  • Search ads on Google, the leading search engine used in Portugal, to ensure the brand's online presence when potential customers search on Google.

    Campaign performance outperformed the initial expectations - both on click-through and impression-level.

    During the campaign, 587,834 people were reached by the ads, of which 49,820 visited the website - which represented an increase of 8121.38% of visits to the website compared to the previous period.