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  • Online Advertising


Future Health Biobank is the largest stem cell bank in the UK and the most accredited in the world. Founded in 2003, it now has storage facilities in the UK and Switzerland to meet the growing demand for stem cell storage, making it one of the most advanced facilities in the world.

Future Health resorted to Brandtellers for the announcement of its services in Portugal and Spain.



One of the brand's goals is to grow in the Iberian markets and make Future Health the number 1 brand in Portugal and Spain. That is why it is necessary to make a continuous commitment to the dissemination of its existing campaigns and announce its services.

In order to meet the demand more quickly and build a presence in the appointed markets, the outlined strategy is based on the creation of online advertising campaigns for different channels and formats, namely Facebook Ads, Google Search and Google Display.

Firstly, a campaign strategy was drawn up, and then proceeded with its optimisation in order to achieve the results defined for the brand.
Campaigns to publicise Future Health's services are, therefore, created on a regular basis, to generate leads and traffic to the Website.

As for social networks, several online event campaigns are also carried out, created with partners, making it possible to make the brand known in a much closer and more personal way.

Thanks to the potential of the learning curve made possible by online advertising, and the respective permanent analysis of statistical data from the built campaigns, it is possible to optimise campaigns for continuous improvement, and generate increasingly effective leads.