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  • Online Advertising
  • Digital Strategy


Olmar, market reference for Office Supplies, with a portfolio of over 25.000 products from renown international brands, challenged us to promote the opening of their new Megastore in Porto, and increase its brand awareness in Porto’s metropolitan region, as well as S. João da Madeira.

A Communication Strategy was outlined, targeting the Megastore opening, as well as a Promo Campaign with 4 key products, bestsellers, used as a Communication Boost. In order to instantly reach a higher number of people we used Google Ads – Network Search and Social Media Ads – Facebook and Instagram.

Brandtellers was in charge of developing all the content used during these campaigns.




  • Reach out to a relevant number of social media fans, to announce the Megastore and, consequently, increase brand awareness;
  • Increase online store conversions, as well as bringing people to physical stores;
  • Position Olmar as a national and international distributor and retailer of office supplies and stationery.


Taking the projections into consideration, we garnered results over 169% in terms of clickthrough rate, and over 170% in the quantity of printed adverts. The adverts that earned the most clicks pertained to the store opening, highlighting an advert with a clickthrough rate of 17,17% - this rate establishes the relation between the number of times the advert was shown with the number of clicks obtained. Recent studies show that the average for this kind of service is usually around 2,41%, which shows the tremendous efficiency of the advert near its target-audience and chosen keywords.

This is the result of a careful Campaign optimization and management, and attention to the smallest of details.


In a short period of time, the Brand Awareness Campaigns garnered very positive results. We managed to increase Website Traffic, as well as Social Media Followers, and obtained qualified leads for the brand.
Comparatively to the initial projections submitted to the client, this campaign revealed a 77% growth.

Simultaneous, two Publication Interaction campaigns were created on Facebook and Instagram, the first revealing a 537% growth in interactions compared to the initially proposed, and a 60% increase on Instagram.

These results reveal the effectiveness and efficiency of the Strategy outlined by Brandtellers.