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Serviço Médico Permanente

  • Online Advertising
  • Digital Strategy


The Permanent Medical Service (SMP) is a company of the Onyria Golf Resorts Group and it has more than 28 years of experience in providing health services.
Although SMP is the leader in home care and medical support for small and medium-sized businesses, the company's website was not generating leads or sales.


  • Generate traffic to the simulator on the website and, consequently, generate leads from the target audience identified by the SMP.
Serviço Médico Permanente


In order to achieve the objectives of the SMP, a three-axis plan was drawn up:

  • Development of Landing Pages;
  • Online advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google Search and Display Networks and Remarketing;
  • E-mail marketing.
Serviço Médico Permanente


In order to increase the conversion of potential customers, two landing pages were developed. Throughout the campaign, A / B tests were conducted in order to identify which of the landing pages obtained the highest conversion rate.

In addition, several analyzes were carried out through Heatmaps, in order to analyze the behavior of visitors on the landing page, namely in which areas of the page they clicked and in which zones where they focused on.

Throughout this 6 month campaign, several changes were made to the Landing Pages in order to optimize them to the maximum to obtain the best results.


An e-mail marketing strategy has been developed and newsletters have been developed to build and nurture the leads generated on the landing pages so as to generate more opportunities for SMP commercials to work.

Serviço Médico Permanente


About 44,876 visited the Landing Pages during the 6-month campaign, with an increase of about 355% in the number of Leads collected through the website.


A digital media plan was drawn up, based on two platforms, each one applied to a specific phase of the sales funnel:

  • Ads from the Google Display Network and Facebook to increase awareness of the service and interest the target audience;
  • Ads on the Google Search Network, the leading search engine used in Portugal to ensure the brand's online presence when potential customers search on Google.
  • Remarketing: Ads targeted to Landing Page users who visited but did not simulate.
Serviço Médico Permanente