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Salpoente is the best restaurant in the downtown area of the heart of Ria de Aveiro, where the cuisine is a true spectacle of the senses, with dishes of excellence, superb service and an atmosphere of refinement and sophistication. The kitchen conveys its love through their work, made with the magic and mastery of a dedicated, qualified team that’s passionate about the art of hospitality.

Salpoente felt the need to get closer to its target, to communicate its values, character and brand personality, as well as to consolidate its positioning as a fine dining restaurant. To satisfy its expectations, it hired Brandtellers’ services.



To achieve Salpoente's objectives, a strategic marketing plan was designed, approaching several fronts, starting with the rebranding of the image, global presence on social networks, restructuring of its website, support with press relations and influencers, communication of events, photo shoots, and even the support in the development of new services, along with the development of an online store, vehicle livery, stationery, flyers and newsletters.

A whole new approach to reflect greater functionality and a more current and modern look and feel, according to the new trends, and later as quick response to emerging needs, given the changes imposed by the COVID19 pandemic.


The commitment to the Press Office and the management of Influencers is of vital importance, by helping to position Salpoente in the sector as well as the dissemination of its services, to create a merge between observed trends, connoisseurs and opinion leaders, and the creative offer of its cuisine, seeking to offer the best of the region, praising its culture, based on the innovative and experiential approach of Chef Duarte Eira and his team of professionals.



An online advertising strategy was also developed, to promote more intensively the increase in brand awareness on social networks, allowing to reach the target segment in a faster and more effective way, namely in the communication of specific moments such as some of the events held.


Salpoente's website has been renovated to allow for the inclusion of new approaches to its service and to allow greater functionality and facilitation in the updating and integration of content. Due to the current circumstances, these features have become even more crucial, in the dissemination of information, the updating of contents and ease of navigation, replacing physical menus with digital ones that could be consulted via tablet or smartphone within the Salpoente space, avoiding any paper-based solutions.

Also giving shape to new developments in Salpoente's services, Brandtellers developed an online store for orders, specifically designed for home delivery in the region of Aveiro, called the Executive Express.