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Andreia Professional

  • Websites & Apps
  • Transmedia Storytelling
  • Social Media
  • Online Advertising
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Influencers


Andreia Professional, a cosmetics & beauty brand, mainly famous for its nail polishes, felt the need to improve its brand image so that it could be set apart from the competition. Although the numbers spoke for themselves and the national market share distinguished them as a major player in their business area, the lack of brand positioning resulted in a rather inconsistent and defined image.


  • To define a brand image that would position it as "Nails Specialist";
  • To define a communication tone for the brand in order to reach a younger, more dynamic audience with a taste for fashion;
  • To create a new website, a communication channel for brand positioning;
  • To enhance brand interaction and fan base on Facebook and Instagram.
Andreia Professional
Andreia Professional


In order to achieve and fulfill the main defined objectives, a plan of digital media was outlined based on 5 axes:

  • Reformulation of the visual identity of the mark.
  • Reformulation of the digital communication platforms already used by the brand (Website & Facebook).
  • Activation and management of complementary social networks (YouTube & Instagram), aimed at reaching a younger audience.
  • Definition of identity of brand ranges. Process that repeats itself whenever the brand launches a new range or collection.

Media strategy based on:

  • Influencing the World of Blogging and Vlogging
  • Offline & Online Events
  • Giveaways
  • Instagram Takeovers
  • Community management.

The strategy focused on creating a community around the brand, which endures.

Digital Media

Email marketing targeted at brand content is a strategy used to communicate with influencers (Vloggers & Bloggers) in publicizing brand events, product launches, collections and contests.
This is also a way to work the B2B segment in the release of brand launches.
The strategy also includes the creation of several online daily advertising campaigns on the platforms Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords, for several purposes: from communicating the launch of new products, participation in events, actions with influencers, among others.

Andreia Professional


In 2 years of work, the brand has more than 110K followers on Facebook (it had initially 1k) and an 11K community on Instagram.

The public initially identified by Andreia Professional, has become an influential buying public through their feedback and interaction with the brand's pages.


The Andreia Professional website presents itself as a new communication channel for brand positioning.
With a look & feel designed according to your needs, the new Andreia Professional website is divided into two large and important groups:
"Colors" & "Universe of the Nails".
In the group "Universe of the Nails" it is important to highlight the "Collections" area. After thinking and creating the concepts that define a collection, it is placed in an area of ​​its own. In this organized way, the public can define their search by collection and not only by shade, making the whole process simpler.
The area "Simulator" ends up assuming a high importance in the daily traffic generated for the website, through the social networks of the brand. Very simple to use, this web application simulates all nail polishes shades, being an important factor influencing the final purchase.
In addition to the Simulator, another widely used tool is the "Find Andreia Professional" store locator. Through this user-friendly locator, the public can find the closest brand distributor, increasing the proximity between public and brand.

Andreia Professional