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Miranda Bike Parts

  • Websites & Apps
  • Transmedia Storytelling
  • Social Media
  • Online Advertising
  • Digital Strategy
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Miranda Bike Parts is a Portuguese brand specialized in the development of high end parts for bicycles, mainly electric, with more than 65 years in the market.
However, despite having as customer spremium brands such as KTM, SCOTT, HAIBIKE, MONDRAKER and CANYON, the company was not well known to the final consumer.


  • Increase brand awareness;
  • Reactivate the base of brand followers in social networks;
  • Position the brand within prescribers and influencers in online / offline magazines.
Miranda Bike Parts


Crank, this wronged part. Beautiful and tough as it is, it always ends up at a level just below the eyes and so "lost" among other components that, often, it is not even noticed.
How can we then reverse this scenario? How can people finally discover the value, quality and true charisma of crank?
Storytelling techniques bring us the answer: through the principles of individualization and humanization.
Introducing: Miranda The Crank. Born in Europe.

Miranda Bike Parts


We created a character which embodied the developed narrative for the brand and with which the target audience felt close to, creating affinity and, consequently, notoriety.

Miranda The Crank has a personality and history of its own. These stories are told in the first person and reveal brand values, production processes, product quality, among others.

The character was presented through:

  • Publications on Instagram and Facebook;
  • Video on Youtube and Facebook;
  • Banners on the Google Display Network.


A content strategy was developed for each social network, which complemented the character's actions in them, and an editorial line was created for regular sharing of content related to:

  • Health and nutrition;
  • Technology associated with bicycle equipment;
  • Tips on cycling;
  • Brand related events release;
  • Competition calendars and release of curiosities about them;
  • Product photos and videos, namely about its assembly,
  • Product photos and videos of the Factory;
  • Videos with brand sponsored athletes;
  • Among others.


In 2 years of work, the brand has a community of over 100K Facebook fans (initially 18k) and an interaction rate of more than 6% (compared to an average of 4.8% of pages over 100k).

Digital Media

The strategy for the brand also includes the creation of several advertising campaigns on Facebook, both to increase brand awareness, and to increase the interaction of the page's publications and the number of followers.
Strategic partnerships were also identified and established for the brand, namely with athletes of the Portuguese Cycling Federation, to produce content with them.

Miranda Bike Parts