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Bee4Drive is a rent-a-car company that operates in the Portuguese national market. It presents itself as a viable alternative to ensure fast, uncomplicated and safe mobility, providing a driving experience and a vehicle tailored to the customer. In addition to securing private services, it also has vehicles that are adapted to the business sector.

Bee4Drive recently relied on Brandtellers to reinforce its online presence!



In order to promote an improved usage of the Website, a Customer Area was created allowing for the management of data, fleets, various information, as well as booking history.

The platform was also designed from a user-friendly perspective with an operational booking engine, to optimise navigation through the website, as well as help to capture the largest number of direct bookings. This system facilitates the organisation and allows the customer to check, in an accessible way, the vehicles available for booking, as well as prices and features.

In addition to these functionalities, new languages were added, such as English, French and Spanish, to cover a greater number of potential customers and enable the expansion of the brand.