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Cavalinho is a 100% Portuguese brand, with a high and recognised prestige in the handcrafted manufacture of wallets, footwear and leather goods, with a vast and growing presence throughout the Portuguese territory.

In order to reach and involve its target audience in different corners of the world more and more easily, and present its products and the essence and character of the brand, Cavalinho has been continuously investing in the digital universe over the years, leveraging its presence and increasing its digital footprint.



Each piece created by Cavalinho has a story. From its sketch to the manual produc-tion process, small and minute steps are needed for each accessory, bag or shoe to come to life. Therefore, each produced item has its own charisma and identity, which are reflected in the character of the person who buys it, providing an identification with the product, where the person finds their " perfect match", making way for the con-cept "Designed to Fit You”.

In order to transmit and enhance this concept and identification between user and product, the developed strategy included a wide range of tools and approaches, with a view to working the brand's charisma in order to be consistent, and leveraging it in the digital window.


The opinion of digital influencers is now quite relevant and has a huge impact on con-sumer decisions. Thus, actions were carried out with influencers in order to generate buzz about the brand, as well as brand awareness, helping to bring new followers and fans.


In order to meet the outlined objectives faster, and aiming to solidifying the entire out-lined strategy as well as increasing followers on social media, the focus on advertising was regularly complementing the organic communication on the networks, allowing for a wider and geographically distant audience, who is interested in the product, and making it possible to bring information and knowledge about the target audience back to the brand.



In addition to publications on these networks, the development of stories allowed, through the agreed strategy, to dynamically present the weekly contents for the vari-ous collections, in a quick, succinct and appealing way. In addition to having a tempo-rary role, the story quickly manages to bring a message for which the audience is available during its limited time and is easily accessible, allowing stories to be an ex-cellent way of communicating the essentials of each collection, as a reminder that it synthesises the entire week's communication and reminds you of what is most im-portant, the product.


The Cavalinho website was developed with the goal of creating a window to the digital world where it was possible to add and share all the brand’s charisma and character, and later the online store was added with the aim of enabling online purchases and sale of the various Cavalinho products.
These were thought and designed with several sections in order to segment the dif-ferent information and allow for an easy content search as well as a friendly naviga-tion.

The website was envisioned and designed to integrate and respond to the different communication needs of the brand, including a blog, newsletters and social media.

In the different information sections, the contents were worked in a visually compart-mentalised way, helping the identification and distinction of each block of information, for a better differentiation between collections, product segments, and mood for each line.

The blog “This is designed for you” was also launched and promoted.