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Costa Verde

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In 1992 Costa Verde started its activity and quickly became one of the most modern companies in its sector, worldwide.

By penetrating the market through strong links with distribution and having a highly innovative spirit, the brand reveals its strength and stands out in a sector known for being traditional and with many barriers.

Nowadays, due to the constant research, creation and development of new products and concepts, Costa Verde is already present in more than 50 countries and gains 70% of its revenues from the international market.

The brand's services include the construction of products suitable for hotels and restaurants, decoration and customisation, as well as product development.

To increase its online visibility, Costa Verde selected Brandtellers as its digital marketing agency.

Costa Verde


To build rapport with its target audience and customers, Costa Verde created a blog that covers several topics aiming to provide some inspiration and usefulness to its readers, followers and customers. The topics covered include decoration, national and international culture, and useful day-to-day tips, among others.

Through the email marketing strategy, the brand will have the opportunity to communicate releases and news and can increase its reach, while fostering a closer relationship with newsletter subscribers, whether they are existing or potential customers.


Online advertising has the main purpose of influencing users to purchase products (or services), through internet advertisements, and Costa Verde needs to be present in the world of online advertising, not only to market its items but also to gain more prominence and recognition within its sector.

In this way, it invested in Facebook and Instagram advertising, such as campaigns to attract fans on Facebook and campaigns to promote Instagram posts. In this way, the main focus was on increasing the brand's reach, attracting more followers and, consequently, more sales and awareness.


Consistent with the adoption of a more “humane” concept, catalogue-style product photographs were chosen, designed for e-commerce, with a perspective that reflects closeness to the human being.

Thus, the objective was to approach real-life elements to bring authenticity to Costa Verde items, while transmitting refinement and elegance.

Costa Verde
Costa Verde