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Creative Toys

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  • Transmedia Storytelling
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  • Online Advertising
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The emergence of a new brand in an already well-explored market is always a challenge. It was based on this challenge that Creative Toys Portugal presented its strategic business vision and challenged us to create a successful digital strategy.

After some years of activity in the distribution of toys, Creative Toys felt the need to change the business model, from B2B to B2C. Strengthening communication on social networks, working with influencers and creating an online store were the tools chosen for the expansion and sustained growth of the brand. The objectives that Creative Toys set were: the increase of notoriety in the toys and board games sector and, consequently, the gain of market share in the online sector. Brandtellers Studio was the agency chosen to develop strategies and achieve these goals.

Creative Toys
Creative Toys


Creative Toys' communication strategy in the online digital environment is based on the constant creation of content and its promotion, to reach the largest number of consumers.
Content sharing is done:

  • On social networks (Facebook, Instagram);
  • Through email marketing;
  • In online advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram Ads).

To achieve and comply with the main objectives defined, several actions were implemented, namely:

  • Optimisation and dynamisation of social networks already used by the brand (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube):
  • Promotion of products and their characteristics;
  • Actions with digital influencers;
  • Disclosure of offline actions;
  • Promotion of hobbies;
  • Advertising on social networks and Google.

The online store is the epicentre of Creative Toys' entire digital marketing strategy.


Previously, the company had an online store with non-optimised content, a practice that’s penalised by search engines.
In this sense, and to kickstart a new strategy, it was imperative to restructure and optimise the online store. The new website ensures easy navigation, good positioning in the search engines, the ease of completing the purchase (checkout) and a potential for the store's high conversion rate (ability to transform visitors into effective customers).

Of the main differences between the current store and its old version are the conversion tools added are highlighted, namely:

  • Implementation of a registration pop-up with a discount offer;
  • Remarketing campaigns (on Google and Facebook);
  • Implementation of conversion codes for all actions performed online to help measure the performance of actions taken.

Other improvements were also implemented in terms of process and optimisation, such as:

  • Reduction of the number of checkout pages for single-page checkout;
  • Highlight payment methods and security certificates;
  • Addition of product rating zone;
  • Adding quality product images from different perspectives;
  • Optimisation of texts for search engines.
Creative Toys


Email marketing is a strategy used to communicate with subscribers to publicise brand events, new product launches, special offers and competitions.

The strategy also includes the creation of several online advertising campaigns daily on Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords platforms, with different purposes: communicating the launch of new products, participating in events, and actions with influencers, among others.

Working with digital influencers was an important part of Creative Toys' strategy. This enabled a substantial increase in the number of followers on both Facebook and Instagram. This increase was also reflected in sales volume.