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MagicPlace is recognised as an Advanced Aesthetics Clinic.

It stands out for being a clinic that brings together a group of experienced and qualified professionals, making use of the highest technology and state-of-the-art equipment in the field of aesthetics.

They excel in the use of high-precision techniques in body and facial treatments, looking at and considering each client as a unique and particular case, thus asserting themselves as a place that values personalised service, and is focused on the individual.

They have several services within this large area, such as:

  • Weight loss (nutrition and other specialities dedicated to this process);
  • Facial treatments;
  • Massage;
  • Facial matching;
  • Pregnancy and postpartum;
  • Skin care;
  • Postoperative and Cosmetic Surgery;
  • Aestheticians.


To create a strong and distinct online presence which conveyed the professionalism and dedication shown by the clinic, MagicPlace joined forces with Brandtellers to build a website that reflected all the values above-mentioned.

Therefore, an online platform was born with a clean and serene mood, which conveys a sense of tranquillity and balance to the visitor - sensations that one wishes to feel in a place that’s dedicated to aesthetics and well-being.

A catalogue was set up within the website that lists all the services provided by MagicPlace, with sections intended to explain what each one consists of and the various areas within each service.

In addition, there was also the development on the integration of a form enabling the completion of online registration for consultations given by MagicPlace.

It was also considered important to include the clinic's professional staff, to establish a relationship of trust and transparency with the company's future and current customers.

In this area, there is also a need to show constant knowledge and advice/guidance, to convey an increased concern for its visitors. Therefore, another strategy was created and involved the construction of an informative blog dedicated to online users.


When we address an audience that wants to resort to advanced techniques of aesthetics, as well as weight loss, how this is communicated visually is essential, as it has to convey that the services provided are reliable and performed by the best technicians in the field.

To convey Magic Place's goals, as a slimming and aesthetic clinic, the design had to be aligned with these same goals, which was one of Brandtellers' challenges when designing the branding.
We chose to go for light tones and a clean look, which at the same time conveyed serenity, calm and the benefits of enjoying the clinic.

A combination of white, grey and light brown tones was chosen, colours that reveal harmony and elegance. Speaking of tones, the logo was adorned with gold, also to refer to the sophistication of the brand, which is a striking colour that is often associated with status and luxury.

However, the focus of the branding was not just to convey elegance, but to combine refinement and quality in the services offered by Magic Place. Being a slimming and aesthetics clinic that affects the well-being of its users, that same focus had to be evident when browsing the website, transmitting, at the same time, trust and professionalism.