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Quevedo has been around for 30 years, but the winemaking culture has been in the family for five generations.

It is in the lush Douro Valley that these Port and Douro wines are born, matured, and bottled, with a total of 100 hectares of cultivated vineyards. Quevedo excels in sustainability, trust, quality, and a good mood, maintaining a deep respect for the work built in the past.

In addition to the love for viticulture, the cultivation of organic olive trees is also part of the diversity that allows the creation of original aromas and flavours in the wines. The production takes place in Portugal, but the goals are global, an interest that brought Quevedo and Brandtellers together.



The desire to create an online platform that could convey the essence and values of the family to the target audience brought us together. This collaboration resulted in an online sales channel and an elegant, up-to-date, intuitive website with a modern language.

With the purpose of presenting their products and know-how, this online platform also expands into a blog format with articles about the wine sector, cellar reservation systems, and visits to estates in the Douro.

After analysis and advice from Brandtellers, an online sales channel was developed to facilitate user experience and simplify the commercialisation of Quevedo wines worldwide.

This multilingual online store also allows for direct customer engagement, with various integrations developed, such as email marketing systems, shipping, automatic payment methods, etc.

Every detail was carefully considered with the aim of making the platform a reflection of the brand's essence and values.