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  • Websites & Apps
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  • Digital Strategy


Sagiper is a company with over 20 years experience within the market of house solutions for exterior flooring (deck) and indoor and outdoor covering. In addition to Portugal, the company is found in several other countries: Canada, France, Spain, Angola, Algeria, Guinea Bissau, Luxembourg, Cape Verde, Tunisia, Morocco, Mozambique, Switzerland, Qatar and Reunion Island.

Sagiper didn’t have any presence on social networks and needed a new site, more current and adapted to the requirements of current and future customers.

The brand's primary goal was to attract business opportunities through its online channels.



A digital marketing strategy was developed, especially focusing on a online Lead Generation strategy (Leads generation).

For this, it was crucial to create content and quality offers that would naturally attract the company’s target audience to the intended product or service.

By aligning published contente with customer interests, we have been able to drive traffic to the website, leading them to take the intended action, such as completing a sale or requesting more information about the company and product, converting these actions into business opportunities.

The website is the epicenter of the entire digital marketing strategy.


Digital Media

To complement the strategy, a digital media plan was drawn up, based on two axes:

  • Daily online lead generation campaigns for users who show interest in products sold by the company. The plan is made up of ads on the Google search engine, remarketing banners (to keep the brand fresh in the minds of recent website visitors), ads on different websites that are part of the Google Display Network, and lead generation campaigns on Facebook.
  • Seasonal campaigns to increase brand awareness, communicate brand news and events. The plan consists essentially of ads promoting advertising on Facebook and email marketing.


Previously, the company had 4 websites, with duplicate content, which was penalized by search engines.

In this sense, and to start the Lead Generation strategy, it was crucial to restructure and optimize the company's website.

A single website was developed in four languages ​​(PT / EN / FR / ES), which brings together all the Sagiper ranges (Sagirev, Sagideck, Sagiwall). A modern designed website that is clean, intuitive, complete and developed using responsive technology so that it can be accessed on any platform.

Through the website structure development, we have identified key areas for the integration of call-to-actions (CTA) and forms, which may lead visitors to perform a certain action (contact request, catalog download, among others).

All website pages and content (case studies, articles, press releases, among others) are optimized with the keywords identified so that when someone searches for them, the content of the company will appear in the first Google results.