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SNUGGIES is a brand that stands out for its peculiarity. At first glance they appear to be just socks, but the truth is that, in fact, there is something in these items that sets them apart from what you are used to seeing on the market, such as plain socks.

We are definitely facing an innovative concept, designed with comfort and flexibility in mind, creating a new product that offers the perfect combination of the union of the sock and the sole and thus, SNUGGIES are born.

Designed to take into account the feet recovery, for both for children and adults, they are, effectively, practical for wearing in any closed space.

The brand's objective was clear: to design a product that would adapt to each person, and at each stage of its production process, the priority would be quality and safety. After performing several tests and simulations, SNUGGIES came to life.

The main value of this company is essentially sustainability, adopting practices that cause the least damage to the planet, as people are increasingly looking for a combination of fashion and sustainability. Therefore, SNUGGIES always seeks to use environmentally friendly materials.

Thus, the brand promises: antibacterial treatment, it is a thermoregulating product, seamless, resistant, offers ergonomic foot adjustment, elastics that do not hurt, ventilation side panels and reinforced soles.



The SNUGGIES online store was already practically developed, however, it had several technical problems that made the planned launch impossible. Not finding a solution in the initial supplier, in order to perfect, solve and improve their performance and have all the desired features on their launch day, they found in Brandtellers the answer to their problems, enabling the launch of SNUGGIES and the start of their online sales .

In terms of website programming, incompatibilities were found between modules and the theme adopted and, consequently, this caused problems in making the Wordpress and Woocommerce platforms work together.

In addition, Brandtellers applied website optimisation and performance techniques enabling a 90% improvement. Thus, the objective was very clear: to correct and improve the brand's store, both technically and technologically.

Therefore, after a thorough technical analysis was carried out in the first instance, a set of improvements was proposed that would solve the website’s difficulties and, in addition, bring added value to the project, so that it could materialise the timely launch of the platform.