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Moviflor is a brand that is part of the Portuguese universe given its story of two decades of life.
The Moviflor awareness, built around 40 years, gives the brand an active and relative safety in a medium-term return after its relaunch in 2015.

After the brand’s less positive period, in which its image suffered some negative consequences, the challenge was to face a negative brand equity with high expression in the Portuguese public, due to the unfavorable buzz at the closing / bankruptcy of Moviflor.

With an unfavorable heritage, the strategic focus has been centered on a way to capitalize negative feelings on something positive, through new experiences and, above all, through closer and more emotional communication.

Thus, in 2014, the need to develop all the new Moviflor rebranding arises and, consequently, a new positioning, closer to the millenials market and of the new decor trends valued by these.



Evaluating current trends in consumer behavior and a very dynamic way of living - much in favor of affordable technologies - Moviflor sought to address a younger target than the previous customer cycle and with an accessible and adjusted offer to the current situation.
Without losing sight of the strong and direct competitive market of other brands operating in the domestic market, such as IKEA and Conforama, together with the vertiginous retail dynamism, Moviflor's new position is mainly around the Millennials generation.

Thus, a slight metamorphosis in style and attitude is seen, in contrast to the popular and old national brand that now needs to be agile to face the 21st century challenges and trends.
The key point is proactivity rather than reactivity.

The new image of the Moviflor brand is developed based on elements such as; Intuition, emotion, urbanism and trendy contours. Considering the image heritage that consolidated the brand for years, what has remained in the mindset of those who grew up with Moviflor has been preserved, betting on innovation and modernity.
Communicating in a relaxed way and close to potential consumers, firstly appealling to the emotional and expect it to materialize in commercial (sales). Keep goodwill with the target.

For the new communication strategy, the brand clearly takes strong action in online digital media, creating an e-commerce platform as the epicenter of its strategy.

Online Store

Moviflor's new online store takes on na even more Millennial posture in the way of communicating, which is the most effective way to attract attention and conquer the dynamics of the dominant, influential and contagious generation.

The e-commerce platform is low cost and very functional for users. Thus, the choice is one of the most commonly used structures on a global scale.

This website has a content management tool (CMS),which guarantees reliability and medium investment, with great results, provided that it has a well designed structure and usability, allowing the brand a total control of it.

The platform was developed with a connection to the ERP tools and management of the company, which allows real time synchronization between stocks, orders and deliveries and the physical stores of the brand

The Moviflor online store brings together hundreds of branded products, divided by categories, accessible on any platform.

The order of products allows sending, with or without assembly, as well as collecting them at any store, through the selection of the nearest establishment and different modalities of payment.