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18 Apr 17

How to know if a project is transmedia storytelling?

How to know if a project is transmedia storytelling?

Brands work more and more on their communication processes by using transmedia storytelling strategies: do you know how such a project works?

Steve Peters helps us, through this infographic, to really understand the essential points for a strategy based on this theme.

O que é transmedia storytelling

A document that summarizes, in an easy and objective way, the whole process.

The advertising agency FCB Global has developed a video tutorial on brand content and transmedia storytelling.

Through this video we understand, in a very objective way, how to spread a narrative through multiple online and offline platforms.

The agency used the original story of Cinderella,  to turn it into a 2.0 version ready to be consumed by the millennial generation.

This article was originally published on BlogTransmedia Land.