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18 Apr 17



The way we communicate in the offline and online media, through books, Internet, TV, movies, games, packaging, magazines, among others, finds in Transmedia Storytelling the strategy for a creative and unified discourse. In this way, all points of contact between brands and people end up complementing each other.

In the development of a process of transmedia storytelling we have to consider as basic variables: the story we want to tell; The experience we intend to promote in the audience; What is the target focus; Which platforms we will use to interact with the target and allow a message-related experience; How we are going to execute the action of the project, in other words, we are facing a brand content project or we have to create a business model that allows the viability of the project.

The main target of a transmedia storytelling strategy is to enable all of these components to work together and in harmony, supporting each other to reinforce the brand message.
Through the creation of this type of content it is easier to differentiate ourselves in the online medium and to capture in a more effective way the attention of users already annoyed with the excess of information, existing in the above mentioned environment, often without quality.

It is relevant to place the strategy of Transmedia Storytelling as the base of development of any content, thus allowing the several elements that compose a story to be produced according to the characteristics of different distribution channels, thus reaching different audiences.

How does this whole process work?

All the platforms that allow the point of contact with people and a differentiated experience, whether or not they are web users, are essential for this new brand culture. Although the digital medium is assuming increasing relevance in the expansion of branding, as new generations have been born and grew up based on this ecosystem, all other means are fundamental to enforce a complete and effective Transmedia Storytelling strategy.

This reality will increasingly fail to recognize the barrier between traditional media and digital media, since all devices will be just another point of contact with the online medium. TV, Radio, PC, Smartphone, Tablet and even the press, will be means where the user experience allows a constant connection to what we can call “Content Revolution”.

In fact, anyone has the ability to produce, to prove him/herself as a brand and promote a digital footprint, communicating and selling products, services and content.

This article was originally published on Blog Transmedia Land.