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06 Jul 21

The Live stream “BOOM”

The Live stream “BOOM”

With the evolution of social media and networks, lives emerged, first on YouTube and later on networks such as Facebook and Instagram. But what is the purpose of a live stream? A live stream is not just a “live” broadcast, it is a simple and easy-to-use medium, with no time limit for screenings and viewers.

Almost every social network has a space for these transmissions, and followers are automatically notified by an alert when they begin.
Nowadays, countless brands have already adopted this tool as a means to reach their consumers. Although lives already exist on some digital platforms, it was estimated that their exponential growth would manifest itself between 2019-2021. In fact, this growth proved to exceed expectations due to the pandemic, which led brands to look for new features in order to maintain the relationship with their customers. Note that with the pandemic in 2020, lives reached their peak so far.

Live streams have proven to be great tools to support branding, as they allow consumers to feel part of the process, which in turn, reinforces their loyalty to brands. Additionally, they have several positive points, such as:

  • Immediate response to customers;
  • The presentation of products/services;
  • New ads;
  • Discussion of some issues of common interest between brand and consumer;
  • Revealing a brand’s “behind the scenes”;
  • Take you as far as creativity and imagination allow.

Considering the low cost and the ease of being present on several platforms at the same time are obvious advantages of this medium. However, time is the differentiating factor of this instrument, which allows the same or even more reach than other types of tools.

It is noteworthy that live streams have been well accepted and received by consumers, as the video format is appealing and these allow direct communication with the brand, strengthening its relationship with current and potential future customers.

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