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17 Nov 22

Brandtellers has been honoured by Scoring with the “TOP 5% BEST SMEs IN PORTUGAL” certification for the year 2022.

Brandtellers has been honoured by Scoring with the “TOP 5% BEST SMEs IN PORTUGAL” certification for the year 2022.

Scoring has verified that Brandtellers met the certification access requirements and achieved a Performance and Financial Solidity Index of over 80% according to the ScorePME method. This demonstrates consistency in both economic and financial aspects, a distinction reached by less than 5% of national companies. Consequently, it received the highest Scoring rating of “EXCELLENT” (“NS 5”), granting it the “TOP 5% / 2022” distinction in terms of economic and financial sustainability.

What does it mean to be part of the Top 5% of the best SMEs in Portugal?

This certification is based on economic and financial rankings, determining which companies fall within the exclusive group of the top 5% in terms of performance and financial solidity. This classification is determined using the ScorePME method, scientifically validated by doctoral university professors in management, currently audited by Bureau Veritas, and with the ratings deposited in ASSOFT. The less than 5% of national companies that meet the size and transparency requirements while simultaneously demonstrating a high economic and financial profile are rightfully considered the Top 5% Best in Portugal.

According to Hugo Ferreira da Silva, CEO of Brandtellers, “This recognition to our management team is an important acknowledgement of the tremendous work we have undertaken throughout our existence, with all the ups and downs inherent to entrepreneurship and external socio-economic factors. We will continue to prioritise our proximity to our customers and partners, as well as the conducive environment for the growth and well-being of our employees so that we continue to pave our way and deserve distinctions like this.”

Who is Brandtellers?

Brandtellers Studio is a marketing and advertising agency specialising in Transmedia Digital projects. From websites and online stores to social media management and content, from consulting to online advertising campaigns, we ensure brands are in the right place at the right time. Good stories are the essence of what we do. We believe in the potential of every idea, the uniqueness of each brand, and the idea that the whole is made up of the sum of all parts. We don’t communicate to one but to all.

We use storytelling and creativity, combined with technology and strategic thinking in the digital realm, to work on multi-channel narratives with the goal of creating relationships between brands and people. From briefing to strategy, from creativity and narrative development to implementation and activation, management, and optimization, we follow a solid and organised work process that allows us to reach great ideas and achieve the best results.

The way we work determines the success of everything we do. The success of our brands reflects our commitment.

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