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26 Feb 24

Vanity Metrics: Learn what they are!

Vanity Metrics: Learn what they are!

When it comes to devising an effective strategy on social media, analysing metrics is an indispensable step. What happens when the focus falls on “Vanity Metrics”? Learn what they are and why it’s a mistake to base the entire analysis of social media numbers on these.

Do you know the concept of metrics?

It’s simple: a metric is nothing more than a quantifiable measure used to evaluate performance. When applied to the world of social media, metrics reflect the outcomes of actions taken on these platforms!

Let’s compare with the example of television: the lack of metrics to measure the actual attention of viewers is a challenge. It’s assumed that the audience is attentive to ads, but is this the reality? In the digital realm, there are a series of metrics that allow us to know the attention and impact of publications, and this is an advantage!

Followers and Likes: The Vanity Metrics

Some metrics have the power to boost the digital ego at first glance – the “Vanity Metrics” – a set of numbers that promise a lot but often offer little in terms of real impact: the case of the number of likes and followers.

These metrics are not enemies; they are the tip of the iceberg: visible but represent only a fraction of what matters. Therefore, it’s important not to be dazzled by them.

Popularity is not synonymous with success!

Having a large number of followers or being recognised on social networks attracts attention to your brand, but does it convert? What’s the use of having many followers if there’s no conversion into concrete actions, like sales? Followers and audiences without real engagement are not the path to success; the quality of interactions is much more relevant in this field.

Content that does not go viral can be extremely effective if it reaches the right people, leads to desired actions, and builds lasting relationships with the target audience.

Don’t forget: there are other metrics!

Value reach (how many people saw), engagement (interactions such as likes, comments, and shares), conversion rate (how many people perform the desired actions), and demographic analysis (who the followers are and how they interact). Analysing these metrics helps to understand performance and adjust Digital Marketing strategies on social networks.

Here’s the secret: comments, shares, and meaningful interactions can become more valuable than a high number of followers and likes. Measuring whether the audience is taking the desired actions, such as clicking on links, making purchases, or subscribing to newsletters, is essential. In addition, understanding the demographics of your audience helps to personalize content and strategies, making it crucial to know the age, location, and interests of followers to tailor your approach.

Here’s a tip:

Switching the ambition of more followers for a focus on the quality of feedback and the quantity of sales generated from publications is a step in the right direction. Specific campaigns for certain age groups or locations and greater investment in creating informative content to increase conversion rates will lead more quickly to the desired results.

Do you still think the number of likes and followers is the most important?
It’s time to start analysing the right metrics for more effective social media strategies! Here at Brandtellers, we are ready to help you, contact us!

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