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26 Jun 23

4 tips to humanize your brand

4 tips to humanize your brand

If brands are made by and for people, it’s not surprising that the audience tends to identify more with businesses that show their human side. With the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence, humanising a brand has become a prominent focus, especially in the online world, and it is strongly advocated by Communication and Marketing professionals. What does it take to achieve this humanisation on Social Media? Let’s take a look; it’s simpler than you might think.


1. Engage with your audience

Connecting with your audience is crucial, but to do so, you must ask yourself: Do you know your audience? Creating original, valuable, and relatable content are key elements in engaging current and future customers. Encouraging your audience to give their opinions about the brand and interact is a way to win them over. Likewise, it’s essential to provide excellent customer support, including answering questions and responding to comments. Don’t underestimate its importance!


2. Communicate honestly and transparently

Authenticity fosters connection! Communicating transparently attracts customers, so drop the facade a little. Showing behind-the-scenes of your brand, demonstrating how your product can be used in everyday life, or introducing employees are some techniques to reinforce your audience’s trust.


3. Actions aligned with brand values

Your values are the non-negotiable and clear pillars of your business’s personality. Besides being incorporated into your company’s culture, they should be an integral part of your communication strategy. A disconnection from your own values conveys insecurity and instability, feelings your current or potential customers don’t want to associate with.


4. Tell your brand’s story

How did your brand come to be? Who contributed to its creation? Are there any photos or videos from the early days? Humans are naturally curious, and these details can make all the difference. A well-told story will always be more captivating than a series of dull statements. Invest in storytelling!


Observe the results

If you invest in these techniques for humanised communication, you’ll likely notice increased interaction, more website visits, heightened attention to your brand, and, above all, more sales! Humanising a brand takes time and should be an ongoing process.

If you want to build a solid and lasting relationship with your customers, put your trust in Brandtellers!