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07 Sep 21

Nostalgia Marketing vs. Millenials

Nostalgia Marketing vs. Millenials

Nostalgia is an expression that conveys a longing for past moments, combined with an emotional desire to return, stimulated by memories of the best moments and relationships experienced in the past.

It is scientifically proven that humans feel nostalgia at least once a week, increasing this feeling when exposed to less positive emotions such as stress.

Nostalgia marketing consists of using products from the past for the current strategy, awakening the feeling of homesickness in consumers, through the creation of an emotional connection, a crucial factor for the relationship between the consumer and the company. Nostalgia creates an emotional bond between the brand and its consumers. By touching on triggers such as combating loneliness and anxiety in the desire to “kill the longing” of a time when things were different, through the acquisition of identification products and services, marketing becomes highly powerful speaking directly to feelings and desires of your target audience.

In the minds of those who do not belong to the millennial generation, the question often arises as to how someone feels nostalgic for something they have never experienced or known. However, the millennial generation demonstrates that, when it comes to choosing and purchasing products, it is the generation that is most connected to feeling, never relating to products or services that are not mainly linked to emotional factors.
In fact, millennials have grown together with the expansion of the Internet, which totally affects their habits and way of life, causing them to not conceive an existence without Internet or a digital connection. However, the indicators point to the fact that young people and adults of this generation lack a time when things were simpler, less superfluous, and more natural.
Proof of this is the fact that this generation already stands out in the growing trade of vintage and retro products. Interestingly, we see this generation increasingly interested in vinyl records, in older product packaging, in certain types of clothing or even in bands like the

Rolling Stones or the famous Beatles, longing for a “mood” that they never experienced, but that conveys an idea and a state of worship to them, associated with these times.

It is in fact very important to value this generation regarding the market, as they represent a large part of the percentage of current consumers.
Brands are concerned with staying in the minds and hearts of their consumers using emotional connection as a tool. In fact, nostalgia alleviates feelings of stress and loneliness, which gives brands that use nostalgia marketing the advantage of gaining the loyalty of their consumers.

This is the power of marketing and the strength of communication, capable of generating an emotional connection of longing and nostalgia, between an audience and a time that they themselves never experienced!

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