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13 Nov 23

What do others think of your brand? Ensure a more human approach in your business’ communication!

What do others think of your brand? Ensure a more human approach in your business’ communication!

With the rise of the digital world, online strategies such as social media and email marketing are propagating, but good old face-to-face contact remains essential. Would you like to know why you should include a more human communication in your strategy, even in the digital age? Don’t miss this article!

The challenge of credibility in the digital age

It’s no secret that digital platforms offer innovative opportunities for companies to strengthen their image, communicate, and interact with their audience. However, as these platforms become inundated with impersonal messages and invasive advertising, customers increasingly trust people who talk about a brand, a product, or a service.

It is clear that there is a demand for credible communication. In other words, customers value brands that have direct offline communication and authentic online personal communication.

Connect with the audience: offline and online

Maintaining a relationship with your customer online and offline is a valuable asset in a company’s communication. Participating in events not only provides an opportunity for networking and building direct relationships with the audience, but it is also a way to work on the company’s image.

Remember: you can always use the digital world to amplify and extend these interactions, such as sharing experiences through social networks or sending a newsletter. By being present, companies demonstrate a genuine commitment to creating authentic connections.

Do traditional means still matter?

Establishing a good image and communication can help you stand out in the eyes of the press. The power of being mentioned in the press is a skill that all brands should work on and value. Traditional media outlets continue to be one of the most reliable sources of information. Getting the attention of these outlets can be difficult, but it is not impossible, and it adds real value to your brand.

It is never too much to remind that investing in communication is an investment in promoting a positive image that will result in a relevant positioning of your business in the market in the long term.

If your company’s image is important, you can count on us to create something spectacular communication for you.
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